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Privacy and Security Statement

Notice to Visitors of the Hartwell Engineering Inc. Web

Recognition of a Customer’s Expectation of Privacy
We recognize your expectation of privacy and security for your personal information.  Should you provide an email address, telephone number, or other information while on the web site, we will safeguard any information that you have entrusted to us. We will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of information shared with us, and we will maintain standards designed to prevent misuse of information.

Collecting, Retaining, and Using Customer Information
We collect, retain, and use NO information about you.  We do use the information you may provide through our on-line electronic forms to contact you if you asked for more information, or, if you applied on-line for one of our positions.  Hartwell Engineering Incorporated does not manage or control outside sites that may be made available by links or program code from the Hartwell site, and has no information sharing arrangements with anyone.

We do not sell, share, or rent customer or user information with anyone at anytime

We will provide general and specific user information only when mandated to do so by Federal or state regulations, to comply with a subpoena or similar legal document, or when authorized to do so by you.  However, Hartwell Engineering Incorporated collects NO user information on web site visitors through browsers or site visits.  The information we receive from you is only that you provide if you apply on-line for a position, or, if you request that our firm contact you for business purposes.


A "cookie" is a small text file that can tell our server whether a visitor has been to a site before, and which can track visitor activity on a web site without identifying them personally. Although there has been some debate over the privacy implications of cookies, they do not read your hard drive nor can they be used to reveal anything about you that you have not already explicitly revealed. Also computer viruses cannot be transmitted through cookies.

Hartwell Engineering Incorporated does not use cookies - PERIOD.

Internet Security and Encryption

Hartwell Engineering Incorporated does not conduct web site financial or related similar transactions and does not use secure or encrypted technologies on its web.

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