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Hartwell Engineering, Inc. (HEI) is an electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation and control (I&C) professional engineering and integration company with experience in a variety of fields including: Process Industries, Correctional Facilities, Communications, Security Systems, and the Water and Wastewater Industry. Our experience includes electrical and I&C design of plants, facilities and buildings throughout the United States. HEI's knowledge and experience in design services, system integration, construction management services, and startup assistance makes us a leader in the control industry. 

 HEI staff has key personnel with experience from SCADA feasibility studies to construction management services. Our extensive background with control system and SCADA design is complemented by our experience in electrical and control system construction management and integration. The HEI team has working knowledge of the operations and maintenance procedures which assist in seamless design and integration projects. This working knowledge of the facilities and operation allows us to provide design documents and integration techniques which satisfy the needs of our clients without unwarranted disruption to the facilities.

This a SCADA Control Console
in a Dispatch center.

This enclosure will house 15kv
switchgear to replace the
substation in the background.
In addition, HEI is an expert in the design and implementation of control systems, computer networks, and communications systems. Our expertise provides the necessary assistance for specialized projects which require computer networking, database interfacing, and facility communications. With project knowledge of all aspects of water and wastewater, process industry, and other electrical, mechanical, and control systems, HEI provides design and integration services to properly and effectively coordinate projects for timely completion.

This panel houses integrates
communications and control

Hartwell Engineering, Inc. (HEI) provides solutions for all design, construction management, and integration services for your projects. The strength of our team is defined by our employees who care about the success of your project. Our engineers are familiar with all types of control and SCADA systems, network configurations, radio and land line communications, and field instrumentation. To fully understand project design and construction these engineers have experience and design knowledge of a variety of processes, including water/wastewater, petrochemical, and manufacturing. 
We at Hartwell Engineering are dedicated to providing the best service to your project. Call, or email us at and discuss future project possibilities with our engineers.


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